How we help retailers

Brand Strategy We work closely with brands to identify their target consumer, and the best partners in our Retailer Network to match the right sample to the right person.

Knowing Your Customer

We work with the retailer to identify brands and/or products suitable for their audience (e.g. fabric care, beauty products, non-perishable food, home items, etc.)

Identifying Opportunities

We present our retail partners with opportunities from Tier 1 brands.  This is done as early as possible to plan for campaigns ahead of time.


Campaign Coordination

When the retailer accepts a campaign, we coordinate to have the inserts shipped directly to the warehouse, following existing shipping and receiving protocols.


Order Fulfillment

Samples are SKU’d into the inventory management system, ensuring warehouse staff picks-and-packs them into parcels like any other product that's currently sold. Retailers can earn a new and profitable revenue stream through the Exact Media program by monetizing their parcel space.


Targeting Our Customer Success teams manages the entire fulfilment process. Working closely with our Retail Network to ensure that your inserts arrive at the perfect time.
Measurement Your samples are only as valuable as what you can measure. Exact Media collects real-time feedback from consumers, helping our brand partners measure ROI in Real-Time.  

Delighting Your Customer

Smart retailers partner with Exact Media to reward their customers with products and experiences for shopping with them. Working with Exact Media is the first customer loyalty program that is profitable from day one!

Customer is #1

Measuring success is key to success over time. Retailers care about their customer satisfaction and so do we.  That's why we help you survey customers to make sure the reward has the highest possible value. When executed well, we see a positive impact in your net promoter score.